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Benefits of Time Deposit with KICB:

  • Reliable way to deposit your money.
  • Wide range of deposit terms.
  • Remunerative interest rates.

Minimum amount required to open Time Deposit is USD 500, maximum USD 100,000 or KGS 35 000, maximum 7 000 000.

Rates presented below are effective for a new deposit of a Customer only if the aggregate amount of all time deposits of this Customer including the new one does not esceed USD 100,000 or equivalent of this amount in other currencies. For amounts over this limit interest rates are negotiable and to be confirmed by Bank's Management.

Interest Rates

 3 Months6 Months12 Months24 Months
KGS - % - % 9 % 11 %
USD - % - % 1 % 2.0 %

Calculator *

*Calculations provided in the given calculator are of demo-version and may slightly differ from real payments in the provided type of deposit.
Deposit amount