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KICB guarantees a reliable service and safety of funds to its clients and offers competitive interest rates on deposits.

If you have free funds and you would like to gain maximum interest income without risk of loosing your money, we offer you Time deposit. The deposit is distinguished for its high interests and advantageous conditions.

If you wish to save your money for big purchase, renovation of your house or just to accumulate your savings, we offer you Savings deposit.

If you want to save some funds for the future of your child (for school, college or just a big gift), then we have Child deposit for you.

General information about all types of deposits:

  • Opening of deposit account is free of charge.
  • You can deposit in any currency (USD, EUR, KGS).
  • Interest will be paid at maturity.
  • Interest is accrued on a daily basis and calculated by using actual number of days in a calendar month divided by 365 assumed in one year.
  • You can receive a card with overdraft limit up to 80% of your deposit amount.

All you need to open any deposit account is to come to our office with your passport. Our Deposit Officer will advise you on account selection, or combination of accounts, that best suits your needs.

According to the Law of Kyrgyz Republic “About the protection of Bank deposits”, any deposit in KICB is insured: in the event of the occurrence of the insured event individuals-investors of KICB reliably received funds on their deposits together with accrued interests till KGS 100 000.

The  deposit protection Agency  governs  the register of participating banks of the deposits protection system of Kyrgyz Republic.

Certificate on participation of the Bank in the system of deposit protection

Garanteed case