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Visa card is an invitation to the world of new opportunitiesandaccess to your banking account any time of the day.

With Visa card your money can follow you everywhere thanks to a wide network in more than 200 countries in the world. These are millions of shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts and ATM’s.

Visa card releases you from many problems with bank notes when they do not fit your wallet or you lack cash when necessary. You will also no longer think about the small change.


What doors does KICB VISA open?

  • Pay for goods and services securely, without carrying cash, at a rapidly growing number of stores
  • Enjoy the benefits of the KICB VISA Discount Program which grants you discounts of 2 to 20% at over 100 select businesses in Bishkek and Osh
  • Access cash throughout our large ATM network in addition to at our many bank branches
  • Order and purchase merchandise, or make hotel booking and car rental arrangements, through Internet or phone
  • An ONLINE STATEMENT service allows you to monitor your account activity and check your balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can apply for our “overdraft” service so you never have to worry about running out of your card balance for important or major purchases

If you travel abroad often, whether for business or leisure, you can ask us for a US dollar VISA card. This will provide you with added comfort as you will never have to worry about currency conversion.


What are Advantages of Visa Card?


Chip Technology

All Visa cards, issued by KICB – are chipped. Such cards can not be counterfeited, and the special encoding of the information protects your card from unauthorized access, allowing you to make secure electronic payments.

Funds Preservation

In case of lost or stolen card, you can call the bank's processing center at any time and block transactions with the card. Your money will remain in your account. Found or stolen card will not be available for use.

Geography of payments

Visa cards allow to pay for goods and services in most countries of the world. Whatever country you are charged in for the purchase goods or services automatically converting of money into the currency of the host country will take place.

Quick payment

Payment for goods and services at POS terminals or receiving cash from ATMs is happening very quickly anywhere in the world.

Cards Funds are NOT declared

Legislations in many countries limit the amount for the imported / exported cash. Bank cards and money at them, are not subject to customs accounting.

How can I get a Visa card?

You can apply for a Visa card at any branch of KICB. To do this you will need to have a valid passport.



Visa Card, issued by the Bank:

Visa Electron - the most accessible and popular card, which is used for daily operations in electronic devices (POS terminals and ATMs). This card provides reliable control of the money through a compulsory   authorization  of all transactions.

Visa Classic - most common type of card, allows its holder to receive cash and pay for goods and services not only throgh electronic devices (POS terminals and ATMs), but with the help of mechanical devices (imprinter), which greatly increases the network accepting cards. Also you have the opportunity to order goods and services via the Internet or by telephone.

Application for KICB banking card

Terms and conditions on Visa debit card

Visa Business - this card is offered to companies of all sizes. The Card allows you to track and monitor effectively the daily administrative and other expenses of the company. There is no need to take the checks and invoices, statement of account will be a confirmation of the company expenditures.

Application for KICB corporate card

Terms and conditions on Visa Business debit card

Visa Gold - this type of card combines all the convenience of payment card and is designed for successful people who value comfort and deserve special treatment for themselves. Using this card you will receive various benefits and attractive offers.


For details and access to the complete please contact with Banking Card Unit:

Phone: +996 (312) 620 101.