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What is Visa KICB?

KICB banking card is a convenient, reliable and quick way of payment for your expenses. Becoming KICB banking card holder, you will receive access to a wide range of services of our bank.

With KICB banking card and Elcard local card you can always use your money and control your expenses. You can use your local card Elcard throughout the Kyrgyz Republic and your Visa card in more than 200 countries of the world.

With KICB banking card you will never face the problem of cash shortage when shopping. You don’t have to carry much money and count coins – we do it for you. KICB banking card– is a guarantee of your funds safety.


Visa KICB enables you to:


  • Pay for goods and services as well as withdraw cash in ATMs and bank’s branches
  • Receive good discounts when paying for goods and services using a card
  • Order goods and services through Internet or by phone, without going out
  • Spend more money than you have on your account using a card with overdraft limit
  • Spend more money than you have on your account
  • Save you time and money 


You can fill in an application for issuance of KICB banking card in any branch of KICB bank. You only need your passport. Registration of documents takes not more than 10 minutes.

For details please contact specialists of our bank by phone (+996 312) 620 101. For convenience of customers, KICB Call-center works twenty four hours a day and Card Center 7 days a week from 09:00 to 18:00 . 

  New tariffs (from 01.07.2020)

  Old tariffs (befor 24.10.2019)

Tariffs (Visa Electron)

  Tariffs (Visa Electron)

Tariffs (Visa Classic, Visa Gold)

  Tariffs (Visa Classic, Visa Gold)


Tariffs (Mastercard Standard, Mastercard Gold)

Tariffs (Visa Infinite)

Tariffs Elcard

Tariffs Elcard (chip)

Tariffs Elcard (contactless)

Tariffs Elcard/UnionPay

Rules for provision of services on debit banking card in Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank CJSC