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Majority of present-day entrepreneurs look for partners who bring simplicity and speediness in business operations to timely correspond with dynamic market demands.

Loan “Business Express” is a quick solution for satisfaction of your urgent financial needs. It takes few easy moments to get a credit from our bank. These will be few easy steps to longer-term relationship with financial institution that will be always next to you to fill your ongoing needs.

In addition to the loan, you can receive overdraft card with limit up to 2 monthly installments. It does not require additional collateral.

How is Business Express a good solution?
  • It takes few easy moments up to 2 days maximum
  • You do not need to pledge your real estate as collateral, movable property is enough.
  • No collateral registration is needed.
  • Amount: from USD 500 äī USD 3 000;
  • Maturity: from 3 to 18 month;
  • Interest rate: in USD from 25%-27% p.a.; in EUR 22-24%, in KGS from 28,5% p.a.; 
  • Loan fee: 2% of the loan amount;
  • Loan currency: KGS, USD, EUR.
  • Collateral: movables + guarantee.


* Effective interest rate: 29,95% p.a.

Calculator *

*Calculations provided in the given calculator are of demo-version and may slightly differ from real payments in the provided type of loan.
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