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Are you planning to buy home appliances or good present for close people, pay for treatment or spend your funds on other needs?

To help you extend your capabilities and reach desired goals KICB offers a quick and convenient solution.


What are the advantages of the Loan “Three Salaries”?

  • It takes up to 3 days to disburse the Loan.
  • No collateral is needed
  • Monthly down payments based on annuity what makes easier to plan your budget. 
  • Maturity is up to 12 months

    General conditions:

Only staff members of Companies who signed an agreement with KICB on Payroll project can apply to get this Loan.

Loan Target

Consumer needs



Loan Amount

KGS 10,000-250 000 or USD 200 - 5,000 (Maximum loan amount must be equal to three monthly salaries of an applicant)


From 3 to 12 months

Interest rate

USD 25%; KGS 28,5%; 

One time interest



Monthly equal payments

Early repayment

No penalties

Loan security

Two guarantors from the same Company as borrower is

Required documentation

Certificate from Employer, stating position and income received during last 12 months. Spouse’s passport. Passports of guarantors and Certificate from Employer, stating positions. Letter of recommendation. 

 *- Effective interest rate: 35% p.a.

Calculator *

*Calculations provided in the given calculator are of demo-version and may slightly differ from real payments in the provided type of loan.
Loan Currency Monthly income
Loan Amount
Rate Tensure