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Are you looking into making your house better, buying new home electronics or just making a vacation trip?

To help you extend your capabilities and reach desired goals we offer a quick solution – Personal Loan.

What are the gains of Personal Loan?

  • You can use these funds for any purpose you’d like;
  • Maturity period is up to 5 years, which considerably facilitates the monthly payment burden;
  • Fixed regular payments allow consistent budgeting;
  • No need to wait for years to make your dream come true.

Terms and conditions:



Loan Amount

  • $1,000-$200,000 (equivalent in KGS)
  • Depends on income level and collateral value
  • Not more than 50% of the market value of a collateral

Loan Purpose



  • Real estate
  • Location Bishkek + improved suburbs

Minimum contribution of the borrower

Not required


Up to 5 years

Interest rate

1. Up to USD 2,000 - in USD - 27% p.a.; in KSG - 28,5% p.a.; 

2. USD 2,001 - USD 10,000 - 24% p.a.; in KGS - 28,5% p.a.; 

3. Above USD 10,001 - 19%-27% p.a.; in KGS from 23%-28,5% p.a.; 

One-time interest



Monthly equal payments

Early repayment

  • During first 3 months – penalty fee is 5% of repaid amount
  • After 3 months – no penalties, if the credit is repaid using own funds

Insurance of collateral


Income level

Monthly repayment of loan should not exceed 50% of net family income.

In addition to the loan, you can receive overdraft card with limit up to 2 monthly installments. It does not require additional collateral.


      *- Effective interest rate: USD from 21.92%, KGS from 26.90%

Calculator *

*Calculations provided in the given calculator are of demo-version and may slightly differ from real payments in the provided type of loan.
Loan Currency Monthly income
Loan Amount
Rate Tensure