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Terms of short term crediting:

  • Amount: from USD 50 000 to USD 2 000 000;
  • Crediting period: up to 1 year;
  • One time Interest rate: 15-16% per annum;
  • Prearrangement fee*: 2% out of credit amount;
  • Legal services**: up to 1% out of credit amount;
  • Currency of loan: USD, EUR;
  • Collateral: real estate, fixed and circulating assets.

Regardless of how modest or ambitious your plans on business development are, our credit officers will do their best so that you can find the very level of expert support that you need.

Our credit officers will develop optimal credit solution based on your concrete needs and proposals. Disbursement and repayment schedule will suit to individual needs of your business.

* due to specific nature of each concrete enterprise and complexity of analysis of its solvency, the bank bears expenses related to serving loan: transportation expenses, invitation of external consultants and independent appraisers, expenses related to regular monitoring.

** this fee is charged by law company, which services credit.