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KICB is a Principal Member of VISA International payment system, i.e. it has a high status, given to the members of this payment system.
One of the main business directions of the bank is a system of payment of salary using VISA KICB international cards. This service called “Salary Project” will not only reduce costs and save your time, but also greatly facilitate the receipt, storage and use of funds. Currently, there is a steady growth of the banking cards market in Kyrgyzstan. Number of companies which accept cards of VISA International payment system is growing every day. Participation in the salary project of KICB gives a number of advantages and becomes one of the main indicators of innovativeness of your company and loyalty towards your employees.
Advantages of Salary Project of KICB:
  • The costs of the company for cash and settlement operations are significantly reduced. Employees previously involved in the payment of salary in cash are exempted. 
  • No more risks of storing and transporting of cash; money is directly transferred to the accounts of employees. 
  • No queues for receipt of salary, employees withdraw cash at any convenient time. KICB has its own extensive network of ATMs and POS-terminals, conveniently located in Bishkek and in regions. Furthermore, cards of VISA KICB are accepted almost anywhere in the world. For the convenience of employees, in special cases, installation of an ATM in your company is possible. 
  • Confidentiality of information about the amount of salaries for your employees is significantly increased. Data on payrolls drawn becomes banking secrecy.
Advantages of Salary Project for employees:
  • Timely payment of salary. Absence of queues and increase in potential locations where they can receive salary. 
  • Employees can withdraw cash both in KGS and in USD. The majority of ATMs operate 24/7. 
  • With the help of VISA KICB banking cards one can make purchase of goods and services via Internet or telephone. You will have an opportunity to book hotels all over the world. 
  • VISA KICB will save you from the trouble of declaring funds when travelling abroad. Conversion of funds on the card is done automatically; moreover the bank can issue a banking card account of which is in USD. 
  • VISA KICB cards are issued using all the latest developments in the field of security, and provide absolute security of your funds. In case of theft or loss of the card, it will be blocked by your call and the money on the card account will be saved. 
  • You can receive a”Three salaries” loan without collateral and with minimum package of documents. 
  • You can receive a card with overdraft limit up to 50% of your average salary without collateral and with minimum package of documents.
  • Employees of the companies participating in salary projects have access to banking services on special terms.  
  • A twenty-four-hour customers support service on all issues relating to the servicing of your card and work of KICB.
Scheme of implementation of salary project:
  • The Bank concludes an Agreement with the Company.
  • The Bank opens an account for the company to conduct mutual settlements. The company provides documents required for opening a current account.
  • Employees of the company prepare applications, copies of passports and signature cards. The whole package of documents from all employees of the Company is transferred to the Bank.
  • The Company provides the list of its employees.
  • The Bank issues cards for the employees of the company and transfers cards under the power of attorney to the authorized officer of the Company or directly to employees.
  • Also, the Bank provides the list of employees of the Company indicating numbers of card accounts.
  • The company provides a payroll, signed and certified by the stamp of the company, and sends a copy of the payroll in electronic version to the authorized officer of the Bank.
  • According to the payroll, the Bank draws the payroll on card accounts of employees.
  • For an overdraft, the Company signs an additional agreement with the Bank and provides the list of recommended persons, indicating the limits, if they differ from standard ones. (For example, the Management of the company may have higher limits than those of other employees).