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Check the current balance of your KICB card in i-bank!

PAY ATTENTION! Bank do not make any distributions requesting to change  account data.

For more information 

In the “available balance” field click “View”.

KICB – reliable control over your funds.  


Enter the i-bank system (


Do you want to receive a statement of your account, without leaving your home or office?

KICB offers you to take advantage of «i-bank», allow you to monitor your bank account and control it via the Internet.


What is the convenience Services «i-bank»?

  • A reliable system of security and confidentiality of your information
  • Free service
  • Enough to have computer connected to the Internet
  • Saving the time spent on a trip to the bank
  • Anytime access to information on your account
  • Statement generation by own accounts, deposits in the bank for any period of time
  • View of account balance is in real time mode. The card account transactions can be recorded with a delay of 3 to 10 days, in rare cases up to 30 days
  • Exchange electronic messages with the bank.


Conducting transactions *:

  • Transfers between own accounts/cards (free of charge)
  • Transfers between KICB customers from card to card, current account to card, card to current account (free of charge)
  • Transfers to other Banks within KR in KGS (fee from KGS 2 up to 90)
  • Currency exchange on commercial rate
  • Saving/child deposit replenishment (free of charge)
  • Mobile top up (free of charge)
  • Payments for fixed telephony  (free of charge)
  • Utility payments (free of charge)
  • Internet and TV (free of charge)
  • E-wallet replenishment and other services (free of charge)
  • Tax payments (fee KGS 10)


How to get  access to i-bank system

In order to get access to the system you should:

  • Have a bank account at KICB;
  • Apply to one of branches or sub-branches of KICB, fill in application and sign agreement for registration of «i-bank» service;
  • Receive Login and Password;
  • In the "Address" field of your browser window, enter
  • Enter the appropriate information in the fields "Login" and "Password." When you first start, for your safety, the system requires you to change the password after a successful password change, you must click the "Start view" and you will be redirected to the homepage.

Rules of using “i-bank” system.

making transactions is only available for individuals and individual entrepreneurs.