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Notification of ELSOM clients / 19.04.2021

Dear ELSOM clients!

CJSC “Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank’ (KICB) has conducted a full-scale update of ELSOM platform. On February 12, 2021 ELSOM was migrated to a new platform as a result of this update. After the successful migration of all data of ELSOM e- wallet users, KICB began the process of stabilization of ELSOM services, during which certain services were temporarily restricted or unavailable. In connection to a large number and variety of technical features of connection of various services to the new platform, the stabilization period took more than it was planned originally.

We’d like to express sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by the update. We appreciate our clients and partners for their understanding and support.

Currently, the work of ELSOM e- wallet has been fully restored, and the following new features of the new platform are available for the users:

  • A single application for individuals and legal entities;
  • Ability to share payment receipts instantly;
  • Replenish the contacts’ phone balance directly from the phone book;
  • Save the history of notifications and the ability to configure the receipt of notifications by email;
  • Possibility of self-configuration of the main screen of the application: display of the most frequently used services to ELSOM main screen;
  • Possibility to enter the application by Face, Touch ID;
  • Possibility to set a transaction limit in case of payment through the application - any transaction exceeding the specified limit will require additional confirmation in the form of PIN-code, etc.

The Bank carries out final work on integration of individual ELSOM e- wallet services with individual partners and agents.

For your convenience, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the operation of ELSOM e- wallet:

  • How can I unblock an e-wallet?

If your e-wallet is blocked- please contact the 24-hour ELSOM call center for security purposes and to confirm your identity:

+996 312 986 000

+996 556 986 000

+996 220 900 009 (What’s App)

or to any of the bank branches.

  • I forgot PIN-code, how can I reset?

If you forgot your PIN-code, you should:

1) Click "Forgot PIN?" in the application or personal account;

2) Select "Secret question" that you noticed when you first logged into the system;

3) Then enter the new PIN-code and confirm it again.

  • How can I pass remote identification in the application?

To pass remote identification, you need to download the application, enter "My Profile", fill in the information, then upload a passport photo from both sides and a photo with passport. The request will automatically be sent to the bank for verification. Please note that in accordance with the legislation on remotely identified wallets, there are restrictions on transactions.

  • How can I check the history of transactions in ELSOM?
    1. Enterthe application.
    2. Select "History" in the bottom menu.
    3. Set the time period for an unload of operations.
    4. Click "Show"
  • I haven’t received 4-digit one-time password (OTP—code) by SMS, what should I do?

First of all, you need to:

  • check if the SIM card is inserted correctly;
  • check if the phone memory is full with incoming SMS;
  • check if the number is entered correctly in ELSOM application.

Further it is necessary:

  • to update/reload the application,
  • to restart your phone,
  • after 10-15 minutes, if no SMS is received, to request a one-time password again.

If SMS is not received, you need to contact the call center or KICB branch.

  • What should I do if the amount of linked cards is not displayed?

If the amount of linked cards is not displayed, it is necessary to link the card again at the Bank branch.

  • How can I cancel a payment?

In order to cancel the payment, you need to contact 24-hour call center or Bank branch and submit a request/application to cancel the payment.

  • Does the loyalty program of Elsom-moneybox work?

At the moment, the loyalty program works on the same terms for all users of "ELSOM Standard" category.

At present, ELSOM team is working on the implementation of the following services and new features that will be available in the nearest future:

  • Cross-border money transfers;
  • Transfer of readings and payment of fines online;
  • Adding payments to Favorites;
  • Contactless payment at trade and service enterprises;
  • Transactions by USSD commands on push-button telephones.

Work on improvement of the interface and comfort of ELSOM e- wallet use is still going on. All clients’ requests are considered on an individual basis. The bank thanks users and partners for their patience and support!

If you have any questions, please contact ELSOM 24-hour call center (requests are accepted in the order of priority):

(0556) 986 000, (0312) 986 000, (0220) 900 009 (what’s app)