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Payment of interest income on registered interest bearing Bonds of the fifth Issues / 23.11.2020

CJSC «Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank»

announces significant facts:

On payment of interest income and redemption of registered interest-bearing bonds of the fifth issue (KG0205166919)

• The reason for redemption - the maturity date of the bonds on December 08, 2020;

• Type, category and form of securities - negotiable, registered interest-bearing, dematerialized, unsecured bonds;

• State registration number of the issue - KG0205166919

• The nominal value - 1 000 soms;

• The total number of issued bonds is 200,000 copies.

• The amount of income per bond - 12% per annum. The form of payment is cash.


The bonds will be redeemed in cash at their nominal value (1,000 som). The list of bondholders entitled to receive interest income and redemption of bonds is determined as of December 02, 2020. Payment of interest and redemption of bonds will be carried out from December 08, 2020 at the Head Office of KICB at: Bishkek, Erkindik Blvd. 21. You can get additional information by phone: 62-01-01;

The State Service for regulation and supervision of the financial market under the Government of the KR registered  fourth Issue of Bonds at November 28, 2017 (KG 0205166919).

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