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PAY ATTENTION! / 23.10.2020

Dear Clients,

We’d like to notify you about the frequent cases of fraud when unknown persons call and say that your relative has got into an accident or other serious situation, and ask you to transfer urgently funds to a card, an electronic wallet, etc. The transferred funds are immediately cashed from cards by fraudsters.

We decisively ask you to be careful and cautious about offers to participate in such transactions, as in case of sending funds to an unfamiliar person you expose yourself to the risk of fraud.

The bank strongly recommends you to follow the following simple rules to help you avoid such situations:

  • Never send money to strangers
  • Beware of deals or offers that seem incredibly attractive.

KICB CJSC asks you to be vigilant and observe simple security rules that will allow you to protect your funds from fraudsters.


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