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Charitable assistance to the school ¹48 / 07.09.2020

During quarantine, the education system is using a new approach: schoolchildren and students are transferred to the online education. In order to implement the new format of education, there is a need not only in textbooks, but also in computers or gadgets that allow to work by means of Internet network.

KICB rendered assistance to school- gymnasium ¹48 (Bishkek city), which was provided with computer equipment. The school administration, represented by the director Tatyana Rotkina, has expressed its gratitude:

"Today, the schools more than ever need computer equipment, since not all teachers were provided with equipment to conduct online lessons. We’d like to appreciate the Bank for the assistance!"

KICB, as a socially responsible Bank, continuously contributes to the development and promotion of socially significant projects, including assistance, directed for improvement of the quality of education in the Kyrgyz Republic.