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KICB has launched an unique project for the training of older people / 27.05.2019

An unique project on training of older people on skills of using modern mobile technologies was launched in the beginning of 2019 by the International Public Fund “Roza Otunbaeva’s Initiatives” with the financial and technical support of Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank. Within the framework of the project “Mobile technologies for people 50+”, trainings are held for women, most of whom live in difficult social conditions in the residential areas of the city. Training participants learn how to use a mobile phone, make payments through a mobile wallet (Elsom), search information in the Internet, communicate and promote their small business through the social networks, use e-mail and other. The training organizers have already conducted 45 open trainings for the population, where more than 300 people took part. During 2019-2020, it is planned to enroll more than 7 000 women, including women in the regions of the Republic.

The younger generation quickly adapts to innovations, whereas the older generation experience inconveniences in using modern mobile phones, applications and other modern gadgets. According to the words of Kwang Young Choi, Chief Executive Officer of KICB: “KICB look to improve not only the general financial literacy of the population, but the development level of digital banking services, especially in remote regions of the country. Since 2014, we have been actively developing mobile financial services and our task is to make this service accessible and understandable for users of different age categories. We are pleased to participate in the implementation of this project and are focused on a long-term cooperation.”