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CJSC "Kyrgyz Investment Credit Bank" and IPF "Roza Otunbaeva Initiatives" have landed trees / 17.04.2019

On April 16, 2019, The Green Foundation, which was created on the initiative of KICB with the support of the “Rosa Otunbayeva Initiative”, Aga Khan Development Organization and “Kumtor Operating Company”, landed more than 2 240 seedlings of trees and shrubs in educational institutions in Bishkek.

Thanks to the project, "Green Foundation" the traditional landscaping of the territory was held in four educational institutions. This year planting of seedlings was conducted in schools ¹ 43, ¹ 15, ¹ 86, as well as kindergarten ¹ 181, Bishkek. By the way, the process of landscaping of adjacent territory is under the control of experts-ecologists. Annually experts together with the "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" in the framework of the project inspect several educational institutions in need of gardening, and choose those that are the most needed in gardening. However, the local conditions, recommendations of environmentalists, as well as the intention and desire of the administration of children's institutions to take care of seedlings are necessarily taken into account.

In the school ¹ 43, which is located in the residential "Ak-Bata", sponsors and collaborates themselves participated in the planting of trees. This is the peculiarity of this annual action – not only to help educational institutions to ennoble the adjacent territory, but to make a personal contribution to its landscaping.  According to the already established annual tradition, the delegation of guests headed by the former President of the Kyrgyz Republic, founder of the fund Mrs. Rosa Otunbayeva and the bank's Management, planted trees and shrubs at school.

In Addition to the basic landscaping grant, KICB also made a gift to students – provided 10 new computers for the school's computer class.



CJSC "Kyrgyz Investment Credit Bank" (KICB) was established in 2001 with a statutory capital of 17.5 million USD. The bank's shareholders are the Kyrgyz Republic and world-renowned international financial institutions: the Aga Khan Economic Development Fund, Habib Bank Limited, the German Investment and Development Corporation, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development And the International Finance Corporation.

"Green Foundation" Project was created by KICB in 2012 to promote the campaign on greening cities and protecting the environment. KICB and its partners in recent years have landed more than 12,000 saplings of trees and shrubs in Bishkek city.