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3D Secure Service is now available on VISA KICB cards / 27.03.2019

We are happy to announce that the service of additional security of payments in the internet “3D Secure” has become available on VISA KICB cards.

3D Secure Technology is a modern standard of security when making payments for goods or services on the internet using additional authentication (the addition of an online authentication authorization process based on principles of three domains).

To confirm the transaction by the cardholder, he must enter the confirmation code provided by the bank for each transaction that comes to the card-linked mobile phone number or e-mail.

How it works?

  1. The Buyer chooses the product/service on the Internet
  2. When placing an order enters the information of their card for online payment
  3. Goes to the protected page and receives confirmation of payment by one-time password, received on the mobile number or e-mail, attached to the credit card
  4. Enters it to an empty window and presses “Confirm” button. After that, the transaction is completed, and required amount is debited from the card.

The service is automatically connected to all Visa KICB cards that have access to Internet operations.

Additional information by phone (0312) 62-01-01 or by link:


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