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KICB was recognized as the best in 2 nominations according to the international publishing «International Banker» / 19.11.2018

CJSC Kyrgyz Investment Credit Bank has received awards in the nominations "The Best Commercial Bank of Kyrgyzstan 2018" and "The Best Innovation in Retail Banking 2018" according to the International financial and analytical publishing «International Banker». The International Banker Awards is an annual event organized by the famous financial and analytical magazine “International Banker”.

«International Banker» is the leading publication in the financial sector, which conducts in-depth analysis and highlights the most relevant economic problems on a global scale. Each edition of the journal covers issues of banking and finance, including risk management, structured financing, trading, companies’ analysis, corporate social responsibility and innovative technologies.

The received international award demonstrates the recognition of successfully implemented innovative financial products and the high quality of the provided services. It is important to note that KICB was the first in Kyrgyzstan to receive such an award to date, which confirms its leading position and success in the financial market of Kyrgyzstan.

“We express our sincere thanks to the «International Banker» publishing for a fair assessment of KICB’s activities in the Kyrgyz Republic. Recognition of the successes of KICB by an authoritative financial and analytical publication reaffirms the correctness of the chosen direction. We believe that the award reflects our commitment to the sustainable development of the bank in the coming years ” - said Kwang Yang Choi, KICB CEO.