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KICB is switching to improved latest version of its operating system from October 19 to October 21, 2018 inclusive / 08.10.2018

Dear customers,

We are pleased to inform you that CJSC Kyrgyz Investment Credit Bank is switching to improved latest version of of banking systemfrom October19, 12.00 p.m. to October 21, 2018 inclusive. The Bank will be able to provide more efficient services to its customers and improve its operations and customers’ service as well as its quality. We regret to say that the Bank will suspend customer service during this period and apologize for any inconvenience for the same.

In this regard, the Bank will suspend the following service for this period:

•         Service systems in Internet banking i-bank, Bank-Client and in payment terminals

•         Outgoing payments in national and foreign currencies

•         Sending and receiving money transfers from all systems

•         Enrollment of wages according to the statements provided on October 19, 2018

•         Payments of KyrgyzTelecom services

•         Replenishment of dealer payments for CJSC "Alfa Telecom" services

The following services will also be disabled in the ELSOM system:

•         Replenishment of bank account

•         Transfers to / from a bank account

•         Transfers to / from bank cards / card accounts

•         Merchant payments

•         Repayment of loans

The following schedule may be noted for this period in the branches:

•         October 19, 2018, all branches of the Bank will serve customers until 12.00

•         On October 20 and 21, 2018 all branches of the Bank will be closed

From October 22, 2018 all services and branches of the Bank will operate according to the standard mode. More information about the working hours of each branch of the Bank can be found at:

From October 19 to October 21, 2018 cash out and cash in of cards in ATMs will be available in standard mode. Commercial POS-terminals of the Bank will also operate in the standard mode.

For more information, please call 0312 62 01 01.

We once again apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding!