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Your idea – our resources! / 18.04.2017

If your business operates in the Eurozone, Euro loans offered by KICB would be a great option. Given the newly unfolding trends in the business sector, our bank is offering you lucrative interest rates and conditions for loans in Euro currency.        

What areas of business are most suitable for the Euro loans?

Euro loans are the best option for fixed and working capital investment. Our bank is sensitive to its client’s preferences and needs and offers most optimal conditions to small and medium and long-term enterprises. In addition, businesses that specialize in import/export of goods in/out of the Eurozone would be the target of the Euro loans.

Repayment schedule 

Repayment is based on the investment plan and client’s preferences. KICB offers 3 options a client could choose from: annuity, equal installments and flexible repayment option.  

Interest rates


From 7% per annum depending on the loan amount.