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Payments on bonds / 29.11.2016

CJSC «Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank»

Inform about payment of interest income on registered interest bearing Bonds of the second, third and fourth Issues


Payment of interest income will start 16 December 2016

·         The amount of income per Bond – 14% p.a.

·         The face value of Bond – 1 000 KGS

List of bondholders who have right to receive the interest income will be determined on the date December 12, 2016. Form of payment - cash. Payment of interest will be at KICB head office:  21 Erkindik blvd., Bishkek. Additional information on tel.: 62-01-01;

The State Service for regulation and supervision of the financial market under the Government of the KR registered second Issue of Bonds at September 15, 2014 (KG 0202166912). Third Issue of KICB Bonds was registered by SSRSFM at August 28, 2015 (KG 0203166911). Fourth Issue of Bonds was registered by SSRSFM at September 16, 2016 (KG 0204166910).


NBKR License ¹ 046, 046/1