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CSR for us is our responsibility for social well being towards our employees, stakeholders and the population of the Kyrgyz Republic.


KICB has been working in the Kyrgyz Republic for already 10 years. All over this time we realized that our success is dependent, first of all, on the environment surrounding the people we are working for. Health, jobs, ecology and education are the main factors influencing today our life. 
Present all over the country, KICB has been constantly growing and contributing to the economic development of the Republic. Today KICB employs more than 400 people and is aiming at creating new positions for the Kyrgyz citizens. 

In November 2011 KICB started participating in the TV project “Your place under the sun”. The program aims at helping young people to find jobs within the competitive and honest atmosphere. The decision to join the project goes together with the main values of our bank: quality services for the Kyrgyz citizens, transparent process of hiring new specialists, constant perfecting of professional skills in the KICB Training Center, development of new competitive banking products.
Created in 2008, the KICB training center offers today new opportunities for the new coming staff as well as for its present employees. Regular trainings allow us to work together in a different environment and build stronger relations within our team. All this increases professional skills of the KICB staff and guarantees high standard quality services provided to our clients.
Since 2009, KICB and The Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia have been implementing the program “Student loans”. According to the program, young people get access to high quality education in schools and universities of Kyrgyzstan. More detailed information is available on the Internet site of the Foundation. Credit conditions are cited here.  
In this part, we could mention several points:
  • Participation in different sport events
  • Support of the “Help the Children – SKD” association that works with cancerous children (
  • Support of the Society of Disabled People
We want Kyrgyzstan to be greener and more ecological. We work and live in this country that is why the decision to create a Green Foundation has appeared within our Bank absolutely naturally. The Green Foundation targets at planting and maintaining trees in the Kyrgyz Republic. Our purpose is to make the place we are working for greener and more pleasant for us, our colleagues, our friends, our families, for the children, for the next generations. To move further, we are in a close contact with the City Hall of Bishkek. 
For strengthening and developing cultural relations amongst peoples, our bank bought the license for showing in Kyrgyzstan the famous Korean film “Jewel in the palace”. There are in total 54 series and the citizens of the Republic will learn more about traditions and way of life of people in South Korea. The main partner of KICB in this project is the first Kyrgyz TV channel KTR broadcasting all over the country.
  • Financial help to a kindergarten in Ortossay (repairing work)
  • Aid to the victims of the earthquake in Nura village (KGS 1 000 000)
  • Aid to the victims in the south (2010): medical supplies, computers for schools, containers


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