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Now you can make payments quickly and easily with the help of self-service terminals of KICB. There is no need to waste time waiting for your turn, you don’t even need to come to the bank.

The main distinction of payment terminals of KICB is the fact that in addition to usual list of services, consisting of utility payments, mobile operators and internet service providers, they contain additional "banking" options.

Actually,each terminal is a small branch of the bank, which accepts monthly repayments on loans, replenishment of current accounts and payment cards. List of payments accepted will be constantly expanded, and soon you can pay most of the bank fees without queues and red tape which will significantly improve mobility and velocity of payments. There is no need to worry about safety of your money - KICB terminals meet the most stringent security requirements and have one of the most reliable systems of communication with the bank.

Currently,self-service terminals are installed in Center branch of the Bank at “Dordoi Plaza” Business Center and in the sub-branch of the Bank located at "Bereket Grand” Trade Center. Significant expansion of payment terminals network in the nearest future is being planned.



Mobile payments: Fee
Megacom 5 KGS
Beeline 5 KGS
Nurtelecom 5 KGS
Sapatmobile 5 KGS
Mobile Payments: Osh, Batken, Jalal-Abad:  
Megacom 3 KGS
Beeline 3 KGS
Nurtelecom 3 KGS
Sapatmobile 3 KGS
Internet and TV:  
CityNet 5 KGS
FastNet 5 KGS
Megaline 5 KGS
Saimanet 5 KGS
Aknet 5 KGS
Elcat 5 KGS
Maxlink 5 KGS
Sapat internet 5 KGS
In.Kg 5 KGS
Saima 4G 5 KGS
Hoster.Kg 5 KGS
HomLine 5 KGS
Ala TV 10 KGS
Smart TV 5 KGS
Online TV 5 KGS
Dolon TV 5 KGS
KyrgyzTelecom services:  
Kyrgyztelecom free of charge
Kyrgyztelecom ADSL free of charge
Kyrgyztelecom JET free of charge
Utility Payments (Bishkek):  
Hot water and heating (c. Bishkek) 5 KGS
Bishkekteploset free of charge
Gas supply (c. Bishkek) 5 KGS
Electricity 5 KGS
Kyrgyzlift (c. Bishkek) 5 KGS
Tazalyk (c. Bishkek) 5 KGS
Service Center Intercom System 5 KGS
Djal Artis 10 KGS
Utility Payments (region):  
Kemin energosbyt 5 KGS
Moskov energosbyt 5 KGS
Kantskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Panfilovskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Tokmokskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Zhailskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Alamedinskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Issyk-Atinskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Sokulukskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Chuiskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Karakolskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Zheti-Oguzskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Tonskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Balykchinskiy energosbik 5 KGS
Cholpon-Atinskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Tyupskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Ak-Syuiskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Gorset (Talas city) 5 KGS
Talasskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Bakaiatinskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Manasskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Karaburinskiy energosbyt 5 KGS
Oshelectro (Osh city) 5 KGS
OshTEC (Osh city) free of charge
KICB Account replenishments:  
Account replenishment in KGS free of charge
Account replenishment in foreign currencies 0,25% from amount
Loan payment free of charge
Card replenishment free of charge
Oriflame 10 KGS
Faberlic 10 KGS
Kyrtelsat 20 KGS
Gosregistr 5 KGS
Namba 5 KGS
Namba Taxi 5 KGS
Besmart 5 KGS
Webmoney USD, RUB, EUR 5 KGS
Elsom free of charge
Skype 5 KGS
Akipress 5 KGS
Taxi 37  5 KGS 10 KGS
Other services:  
MCC Folk  10 KGS
East University (tuition fee) 10 KGS
Daraja-Invest (Electrotehnik) 10 KGS
Callan School 10 KGS
"Bastion" security agency 10 KGS
PF "Oy-Bulak" (school ¹13) 10 KGS
PF "Dvijuschaya sila" (school ¹4) 10 KGS
Government payments:  
Land tax for agricultural purposes 10 KGS
Land tax of non agricultural purposes 10 KGS
Land tax for use of smallholdings 10 KGS
Tax on real estate, which does  not use for entrepreneurial activity 10 KGS
Tax on real estate used for business activities of II group 10 KGS
Tax on real estate used for business activities of III group 10 KGS
Tax on vehicles of individuals 10 KGS
Tax for voluntary patent 10 KGS
Tax for compulsory patent 10 KGS
Income tax for hired employees 10 KGS